Kids Learn about Etiquette and Manners

March 7, 2008

Tampa, Florida – The concept of different forks at a meal seems as foreign to some youngsters as escargot, but Wanda Delarosa is taking a stab at changing that.

“This is not how certain classes of people live, knowing the proper fork or knowing how to conduct themselves properly at the dinner table, but it has to do with life style,” said DeLaRosa, founder of It’s All About Kids. DeLaRosa started It’s All About Kids to teach children the importance of table etiquette, hygiene, and communication skills. Students range in age from kindergarten on up.

“There is such a great need for us to come alongside parents and to encourage kids to do the right thing and find value in what they do,” she said.

To learn, kids act out scenarios from the right way to answer the phone to the problem with double dipping chips, lessons that would make any parent proud.

It’s All About Kids partners with Macy’s to bring you Etiquette and Manners courses for Kindergarten through 12th grade at the Macy’s in the University Mall. Multiple classes will be held, focusing on a variety of topics.

It’s All About Kids is now registering for March, April and May classes! For more information and class schedules call (813) 269-4402, (813) 447-7981 and visit

David Leonard, Tampa Bay’s 10 News

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