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The Etiquette and Manners program was founded to help children learn critical social skills including grooming, conversation, table etiquette and social manners. It promotes self respect, respect for others, fairness and appreciation for family.  

The goal of the program is to provide young people with the valuable gift self empowerment. By helping participants develop the ability to handle social, academic and professional situations with style and ease, Etiquette and Manners helps them succeed in life. They develop confidence, self-respect, leadership skills and integrity.

The age group served by the program ranges from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Content is targeted to each age, and lessons are fun and interactive. Young children explore sharing, playing fair and minding manners. Young adults learn about proper attire, interviewing techniques and advanced social skills. All lessons are designed to build confidence and blend traditional etiquette values with 21st Century manners.

The Etiquette and Manners program is a mobile program. It can be held in community centers, schools, clubs and other neighborhood or social venues by special request. Contact It’s All About Kids for more information.

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Etiquette and Manners Program Descriptions

Telephone Manners: Through hands-on scenarios, children learn to answer the phone and take accurate messages. Text messaging and cell phone manners are also covered.

School Manners: The School Manners program is designed to help children understand how to conduct themselves in the classroom, library and every other school setting. This program also addresses bullying, teasing and vandalism.

Grooming and Hygiene: This program enforces cleanliness and organization as well as educating children about the importance of skincare, hair care and dental care.

Proper Attire: This popular program explores the relationship between attitude and attire. Children are encouraged to define suitable attire for different occasions and changing seasons. Proper care of clothing and fashion tips and techniques are also included.

Proper Introductions: Children learn the power of the first impression through speech, body language and eye contact.

Proper Correspondence: Children learn to leave lasting impressions when they express appreciation through thank you notes. Invitations, post cards and other social correspondence are covered in this class, encouraging grace and courtesy in the students.

Table Manners: From dining at home to dining at a restaurant, this class explores styles the dining experiences. Setting a proper table, seating guests, usage of correct tableware and how to eat those yummy but tricky foods is covered in an interactive atmosphere. Proper dinner table conversation, tips on being a good guest and proper use of a napkin are also included.

At the end of the seven week course the children participate in formal dining event where we celebrate their achievements and reward each child with a certificate of completion.

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> Classes are currently held at our center located in the University Mall, Tampa, between 1:00 PM and 2:30 PM

>The cost of each class is $25 per child. multi-child discounts are available. Call for more information.
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